California Tax Attorneys


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Business Entities; incorporations

Business tax issues; merging or dividing a business

Buying (or selling) a business

Buy-sell agreements among the owners of a business

Dissolving entities (or "Iím done with this business or nonprofit entity, now what do I do?")

Foreign tax issues

Got a letter from the IRS or from a California tax authority and have questions?

Incentive compensation for employees

Keeping a business or investment assets in the family

Nonprofit organizations and charitable contributions

Real estate tax issues

Stock transfers

Wills and trusts and asset protection planning                                       


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A personal note -- I prepared this website to let people know those areas of tax law in which I can help efficiently.  My practice does not cover every area of federal and California tax law, but the site name "California tax attorneys" suggests that this web site will offer assistance in all these areas.  To avoid disappointing visitors to the site, I have included the names of smart, personable tax lawyers who can help efficiently in other areas of tax law.  These are attorneys whom I know personally.  I hope you find this website useful.

                                                                                                    -- Bill Staley

PS - This not an exclusive list of smart, personable and efficient California tax lawyers.  No one has paid to be included in this site.